Local Animal Services

Birmingham Dog Wardens

Sandwell dog warden: 08453 59 75 01.
Birmingham dog warden: 0121 303 99 00.
Solihull dog warden: 0121 704 80 00.

RSPCA Animal Hospital

Address: Newbrook Farm Cottage, Frankley Green, Birmingham B32 4AX
RSPCA Puppy Contract

Birmingham Dogs Home

Address: Catherine-de-Barnes Lane, Catherine-de-Barnes, Solihull, B92 0DJ

Phone: 0121 643 5211


To report a lost dog, stray dog, dangerous dogs or a dog fouling issue to Birmingham City Council, please follow this link.

Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

Pawfect Dogsense like to encourage owners to think carefully before kenneling dogs when going away on holiday. Kennels can be convenient and often cheaper than a pet sitter but very few dogs are comfortable with such a sudden change of lifestyle, and dogs originally re-homed from a kennel can get massively stressed to return to one even briefly.

Pet sitters are a great way of giving your dog some normality in an otherwise strange and confusing situation while you take some time to relax!

Your dog can be cared for in your own home or in the home of a sitter and prices tend to vary according to your dogs daily needs.

Our Pawfect-approved Pet sitters and Dog Walkers:

Lissy: Wags to Wishes: 07739 900020 (South Birmingham & Solihull – Walking & Pet Sitting)

Charlotte Wood: 07484333039 (South Birmingham – Walking & Pet Sitting)

Tori: 07572288358 (Kings Heath, Moseley and Maypole – Walking & Pet Sitting)

Charlotte Spencer: 07880 208117 (Harborne – Walking)

Deena Grant: 07961 908300 (Moseley & Kings Heath Area)

Woof & Swagger: 07533 298484

Second City Pet Services: 07827 440175

Charlie’s Canine Care: 07846 459173

Doggies Day Out: 07860 774635

Pet Groomers

Pawfect Dogsense highly recommends groomers who offer a force free service. We believe in ensuring your dogs feel comfortable throughout the whole grooming process, from start to finish! Grooming can be highly stressful for many dogs and we love a groomer that will take the time to form a bond with your dog and help them to feel well and truly pampered with every clip, wash and trim.

Our Pawfect-recommended Dog Groomers:

Hund Dog Care: 07970 390424

Claws and Paws Mobile Grooming: 07483 854055