In light of the recent and ongoing Coronavirus, Pawfect Dogsense will be transferring all 1-2-1 sessions at home to personal video consultations via Zoom!

Our team are dedicated to continue to provide our usual high quality service to all of our clients to help you with your pooch related problems.  Book a virtual 1-2-1 with our video consultations, join us on our journey of webinars or sign up to our monthly subscriptions for a tailored training package. With many of us spending more time at home with our dogs, now is the perfect opportunity to help them over that old fear, reshape that frustrating behaviour or teach them something new and exciting!!

Just remember, whatever the issue, team PD is still here and we can still help!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office on 07837377273

Video Sessions

We are now offering video call consults so you can have a face-to-face chat about your dog and get some practical tips and advice from our expert team. Perfect for new puppy owners, if you’ve just adopted a new dog and you’re having some teething issues or any behaviour that you need some extra support with!

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Private Consults with our team of Behaviourists

Worried about your dog’s behaviour?

1-2-1 behavioural consultations at home – our most popular of all our services!
Our qualified and experienced canine behaviourist is on hand to help with the biggest and smallest of problems including:

  • Boredom
  • Separation anxiety
  • Mouthing/Nipping
  • Chewing
  • Vocalisation
  • House Training
  • Resource Guarding
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours

Initial Consultations are 2 hours long and cost just £150, any further 1-2-1 training is £65 per hour.

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Private Consult with our Managing Director, Hannah Molloy

You can now book our amazing MD Hannah Molloy for a 1-2-1 private consultation at home, directly via the website! Specialist in dog-dog and dog-human aggression, expert on Channel 4’s Puppy School and soon to be published author with DK, Hannah is also busy revolutionising animal training in Just For Pets stores this year too. As such, her availability is limited but sometimes only the best will do…

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1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 sessions are held at your own home or local park and focus on teaching you all the skills you need to train your dog day to day. Your trainer will provide a tailored training plan according to your dogs age & breed and we shape our training packages to suit your lifestyle. Our sessions are more than just time with a dog trainer, we will help you to understand your dogs personality and body language, its coping strategies and communication signals. You will come away from our sessions feeling relaxed and confident about both of your abilities.

Training topics can include:

  • Introduction to boundaries, play and body language.
  • Leave it
  • Lead walking
  • Reliable Recall
  • Distraction training
  • Safe introduction to cats/babies/other dogs
  • Clicker training
  • Heelwork to music – Beginner
  • Target training & Scent work
  • Skateboarding & Trick Training
  • Assistance Training

Initial Consultations are 2 hours long and cost just £150, any further 1-2-1 training is £65 per hour.

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Group Classes

Puppy Play School

Puppy Play School is designed for very young puppies between the age of 8 – 15 weeks, suitable for pre-vac puppies it’s the ideal place to get some advice and kick-start your training! This is an ideal place to get some advice and start training but we would always recommend a group class too! In-park training is a priceless experience for young dogs, to get them socialised and trained around distraction is so important and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on that!

Puppy Play School is currently on a break! We’ll be back soon! Don’t worry we still have Puppy Classes and 1-2-1’s packed full of advice and training. 

Session 1

The first session is a 20 minute 1-2-1 with one of our behaviourists, we teach you how to explore the space, read their body language and how to encourage them on their exciting journey of learning!

Sessions 2, 3 and 4

The further 3 sessions cover the topics below:

  • Socialisation to sights, surfaces and sounds
  • Handling
  • Playing with Puppies
  • Biting toys not people
  • Toilet training
  • Grooming
  • Introductory Obedience
  • Advice on: crate training, separation anxiety, toilet training

Puppy & Beginners Classes

Our group classes are growing in popularity due to our flexible and exciting approach to obedience training!
Puppy & Beginners Classes are held on Saturdays in Birmingham in all weathers.

  • Kings Heath Park (Vicarage road entrance: B14 7QT)

Dogs don’t generalise easily which is why we love training in the park, so many natural distractions mean we can train your puppy to ignore children playing football, cyclists, joggers and all forms of park life!

A 7-week structured course involving clicker and reward based training methods with the added benefits of natural socialisation and park distractions. Advance booking is required as places are limited.

Class Schedule

Kings Heath Park

Beginners Class 10-11

Puppy Class (1) 11-12

Puppy Class (2) 12-1

Our Group Classes are packed full of practical training and advice on teaching: Name, Sit, Down, Wait, Leave-it, Loose Lead Walking, Recall and Socialisation.

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Click & Trick Training Classes!

Keep your dogs brain active with our fun force free trick training classes! Book on week by week or save your space for 4 weeks in a row! Learn how to introduce your dog to scentwork, heelwork to music, indoor agility, try skateboarding, practice assistance dog tasks such as empty the washing machine, push buttons & relax for vet checks among many other things! Your dogs training plan is only limited by your imagination in this highly enriching Intermediate/Advanced class. Suitable for all dogs over 9 months that have attended our Beginners or Puppy class or completed the Bronze Award in a Kennel Club class.

Classes will be returning soon! Call 07837 377273 or emaail to register your interest.

Social Walks

Pawfect Dogsense offers socialisation walks for dogs who struggle with dog-dog interactions. Regular walks with other dogs help every dog to calm down and relax. It takes time and patience to teach them that not every dog wants to fight or play on sight which is why we’ve designed our walks to be informative and affordable for everyone.

  • Does your dog grumble at other dogs?
  • Is your dog an eager beaver that can’t stop bouncing on new dogs you meet?
  • Does your dog hare off at the first sight of a dog in the distance?

Take a relaxing walk with one of our trainers & adult stooge dog who can help you identify important body language signals that the dogs are displaying while walking together. Walks always begin on lead to encourage the dogs to walk calmly in parallel to one another. Your socialiser can then decide whether off lead work is appropriate and help you to safely loose your dog to play with other dogs in public parks.

Our Social Walks are on Saturdays and cost just £10 per walk.

2 – 3 pm in Kings Heath Park for On-lead socialisation.

Please note – dogs with a pre-existing history of aggressive behaviour around other dogs will require a 1-2-1 with our behaviourist before booking socialisation walks. We are there to oversee dog-to-dog interactions but you are responsible for you own dog at all times. In the event that a Social Walk is cancelled, you can join our mailing list and receive an email notifying you of a cancellation.

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